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Storage Lockers with built-in Charging Function 

PSB-60-GXXL cabinet for key management, charging iPads, handheld radios in cradle, etc.

The PSB-60-GXXL type intelligent charger and storage locker cabinet is capable of charging
Motorola XPR6350 handheld radios (but any kind of other types too) and iPhone, iPad (9.7”) devices, however any other type of walkie talkies, handheld terminals can be charged using the power outlet inside the lockers or the USB plugs.
The locker doors are made of safety glass in steel and they are equipped with electronic engine driven bolt locks.
The Motorola radios can be placed upfront into the lockers when inserted into the charging cradles. iPhones and other smart devices can be placed into the polycarbonate sleeves and they can be charged by 2x 2A using standard USB cables.

60 boxes, in every box there are:

  • 2 USB connectors that can charge with 5V @ 2 A each
  • 1 power outlet 110V/230V @ 15A for the handheld radio
  • 1 RFID based key position, locked by electric engine driven latch (store keys)
  • UPS, backup battery (does not apply for charging , only emergency opening of boxes and computer operation)
  • WiFi & Ethernet connection
  • Multi frequency RFID card reader (EM+Mifare supported the same time)
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner
  • USB charging function for iPhone/iPad, power outlet to charge radios
  • Slots to store iPhone/iPad while charging
  • Box dimensions with standing radios in cradle: 300 x 305 x 135 m
  • Boxes are equipped with safety glass doors and adjustable LED lights inside
  • Built-in embedded computer with touch screen

Monitoring functions in software:

  • Monitor door open/close
  • Pick up/return of key inside locker
  • Connect/disconnect on USB plug 1
  • Connect/disconnect on USB plug 2
  • Connecting/removing radio charger from power outlet
  • Showing charging level in software
  • User rights are configurable, separate rights for keys and locker contents

The built-in SmartStation SS-30 is used to control the cabinet:

  • Allreader RFID card reader (supports both EM and Mifare cards the same time)
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • High Resolution color touch-screen (with PINpad on-screen)

User authorisation can be done by PIN code, RFID card, Fingerprint or any of this combinations.

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