Weapons Rifle Storage System

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WR6 Wall-mounted Weapons Rack for H&K MP5 and other type of Submachine Gun

Secure storage of MP5 weapons

The WR6 modular weapons storage system has been designed for storing police/military weapons, especially MP5 and similar types. (ProxerSafe-WR6 contains six units). It has stable, modular steel frames with components to accommodate the weapons and sensors for a secure access control system.
This open system can be mounted on wall, installed in Universal Weapons Rack or on a cart. Components ensure that weapons can be stored with optics for quick and easy deployment.

The system consists of

  • 6 Electronic locks to lock the weapons individually
  • 6 Weight sensors for detecting the presence of the weapons
  • 6 Position sensors to detect if the weapons are in the right position
  • 6 RFID reader to read the RFID tags of the weapons
  • 1 Touchscreen operated built-in PC for user identification and weapon release (open and close the electronic locks)
  • 1 RFID reader for user identification
  • 1 Fingerprint scanner (option)
  • 1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • 1 Software to control and list the incoming and outgoing weapons and user rights
  • 1 ProxerSafe Cabinet with 6 managed box for weapon magazine (cartridge clip)
WR6 Wall-mounted Weapons Rack for H&K MP5 Submachine Gun


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