Key Management with RFID Technology

Key management system security

  • You always now who removed the key and when it was taken or returned.
  • Define access rights to users individually.
  • Monitor how often it was accessed and by whom.
  • Invoke alerts in case of missing key or overdue keys.
  • Secure storage in steel cabinets or safes


  • Real-time transactions
  • Control access to cabinets and to all keys and boxes
  • Convenient accessability
  • Scalability – Select the number of key positions you desire and extend it upon demand.
  • Combine key positions and value boxes within one system
  • Key cabinet’s capacity can grow together with your needs
  • It can cooperate with other systems.
  • Accountability and responsibility – reporting user and key activity.
  • Software on the cabinet’s screen shows what keys are in and who has actually the key if it is taken (for authorized staff)

Problems around keys

  • Keys get used by wrong person
  • Keys get borrowed
  • They get lost and found by unathorized people
  • They are often forgotten to return
    items may be accessed by external staff
  • If more people are entitled to use a certain key and it is taken by one of them, who knows where the key is at the moment?


  • Managed access control system for keys and valuables
  • Illuminated key positions make finding keys very easy
  • Access via a user-friendly touch PIN-pad and card reader
  • Return any key to any open key-place and the system will remember the new position
  • Provides access records and reports
  • Helps reducing cost – less lost keys lead to lower expenses and higher security

Who needs key management?

  • Banks
  • Government institutions
  • Military
  • Power plants
  • Hotels, hostels, resorts
  • Conference centers
  • Universities, colleges
  • Gaming industries
  • Corporate buildings
  • Property management
  • Security companies
  • Automotive businesses
  • Car rentals & Fleet management
  • Hospitals, Healthcare facilities

What an intelligent key management system can do for you?

  • You know exactly where your keys are
  • You know who is using the key
  • Keep track of usages
  • Define rights for users
  • Add/remove users, cards and keys
  • Users will access the keys only with permission
  • View reports
  • Safe storage
  • Manage keys in several buildings from a central office

Intelligent Storage Box Cabinets

Storage Box Cabinets

  • To store valuables, instruments, documents, keys, mobile phones, computers,etc… on a controlled and monitorable way.
  • Intelligent, safety storage with proximity card, PIN code, or optional fingerprint opening
  • The cabinet can be opened only with authorized ID.
  • Integrated embedded computer with Touch screen and multilanguage support.
  • The box cabinets are modular storage solutions. They can have different number of boxes, various sizes of box-modules or a combination of keys and boxes in one.