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Intelligent Value-Store Safe: KeyDrawer

RFID-technology based indoor value storage cabinet with touchscreen operated built-in computer

The KeyDrawer is a cabinet with drawers that can only be opened with personalized RFID Proximity card, PIN code or fingerprint identification. The cabinet stores keys, cards, mobile phone, car documentation, etc.
Drawers are locked individually, and can be opened only with permission for that specific drawer. 
It can be specified who has permission to which drawer. The opening and closing events will be logged. The drawer can be opened only by an authorized user, the keys are identified, so will be always known who had taken your keys.

Features of Key Drawer

  • Intelligent,secure cabinet with drawers, storage boxes that can only be opened with card, pin code, fingerprint
  • RFID proximity automatically locked drawers
  • The user can open only the specific drawer that he is entitled for
  • Permission can be given and revoked per drawer. Without that permission, the drawer can be not opened.
  • Door opening log: who, when opens the cabinet and which drawer(s).
  • Search function: Where is my key?
  • Multi-cabinet drawer management
  • Drawer authentication: automatic, with the drawer’s transponder
  • Numbered drawers, with RFID based locked slots
  • Biometric and RFID proximity technology
  • Online-offline communication
  • Robust steel housing, IP65 outdoor design
  • Safety glass door or full metal door
  • Several cabinets can be connected to one data cable
  • Drawer size: 56 x 96 x 140 mm
  • Modularly expandable

The user identification is performed with RFID card reader, while identification of keys are done using RFID plugs.

The KeyDrawer key cabinet has a built-in uninterruptible power supply, which guarantees a 48-hour operation in the case of a power failure.
The built-in PC with Window’s 10, 1280×800 resolution touch screen is for offline management. The embedded PC is placed in a 19 “rack module with the UPS. 

The entire system can also be built into a SP88XL SS3492 security armored safe.
The key movements, authorization management, alarm and e-mail sending is managed by the AutoSafe PC software.

Optional way of usage:
The customer requires a key, and then the staff prepares the key and put in the KeyDrawer.The customer receives the temporary PIN code from the staff. Customer can remove a drawer within the given time period. If the limited time passes, the PIN expires, and the key was not picked up, the cabinet will send an e-mail alert to the specified admin. If someone picked the key up, but did not bring it back in time, the system also sends an alert to the admin via e-mail. The parameters, addresses, expiration dates, e-mail configurations, smtp server, port, protocol, security can be set in the central PC by the AutoSafe manager software .


The KeyDrawer consists of racks of 8 drawers, several subtypes are available based on the required number of drawers.
The drawer’s size is 56 x 96 x 140 mm.
The drawers have a 56 x 96 x 12 mm front board, a 55 x 65 x 140 box-shaped container and a 55 x 96 mm backboard.
The front board and the drawer body are AlMgSi anodized profile, the backboard is POM. An RFID key plug is built into the backboard of the drawer, that identifies the key or the set of keys mounted to the RFID plug. Each drawer is equipped with an electronic lock, so the drawers can only be pulled out by an authorized person.

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